Saturday Night Live – Paul Rudd (12/11/10)

Live from New York it’s “Paul” jokes and kissing gags!

Grade: C

First off, here was the funniest part of the show…the promos (partly Tim and Eric style).

1. I love this Rudd/McCartney line-up, but this better be the end of the Paul jokes. It worked in the promos but that intro was painful. I’d never stop watching SNL but it’s really sad when they have McCartney and Rudd and they can’t make it work.

2. Oh boy. The old kiss and lick each other gag. I like to see how far they can take it but 80% of the sketch falls flat. The Twitter-sphere is going crazy on the hatred for this sketch. I liked it the first few times and they’ve really beaten to death. I Haven’t seen this Paul Ritten guy before. Seems to have some potential. Apparently he’s been on the entire season and can do a good Johnny Depp impersonation but I haven’t seen it yet.

3. Poor Paul McCartney. Someone forgot to turn up his microphone for the beginning. His performance was a bit boring but I’m not gonna hate on Paul. He saved it at the end with “Band on the Run”.

4. Saturday Night Live should hire the Weekend Update writers for the rest of the show. The Update is the only guaranteed funny thing on SNL anymore. Paul McCartney can do an English accent. Who knew? Great entrance and sketch by Stefon (Hader). Love it when they legitimately break down and laugh on the show. “New York’s Hottest Clubs have puppets doing karate and Tranderson Cooper runs the club “Uh-nce”.

5. Meryl Streep on Ice: The bitch can skate. I’ve always found her modesty annoying so this one kind of worked for me

P.S – The Pomplamoose Hyundai commercials were the best part of the evening. I’ve seen them before tonight but this is good as night as any to get my favorite YouTube band out there.

Jeff Bridges and Eminem next week. Haven’t seen Bridges on before but I love the Dude guy too much to doubt him.


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