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The Latest Brillance from Whitest Kids U’ Know – The Pledge of Allegiance


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The Too Far Blog posted a great review of some of the best stand up DVD’s on the market right now. 1. Bill Burr – Let it Go 2. Louis C.K – Hilarious 3. Jim Jefferies – Alcoholocaust 4. Patrice … Continue reading

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Interview with Lynn Shawcroft, Mitch Hedberg’s wife

Punchline recently published this great interview with Lynn Shawcroft. “What’s your fondest memory of Mitch? I think, from a person who loves comedy, first, seeing him do a headlining set and going, “Oh my God, he’s amazing!” You know, there’s … Continue reading

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Check out this new podcast called HalfAssedPodcasts. The podcast is mostly comedians from; Funny people talking about funny things about funny people about funny things about…

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Top 10 Comedy Films of 2010

I didn’t include kid/animation films but if I did…Toy Story 3, Despicable Me and Megamind would all have a shot at the list. The list is after the break. Enjoy.

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Saturday Night Live – Paul Rudd (12/11/10)

Live from New York it’s “Paul” jokes and kissing gags!

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Top 10 Comedy Albums of 2010

Figured this was a good way to start the blog. Punchline Magazine whipped out theres a few days ago so I figured I whip out mine too. We only agree on two albums…

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